Welcome to Justlikeme: an encouragement and exhortation
platform for building identity and self-esteem based on the concept that each life is unique and valuable. Jane Casey, founder, brings authentic compassion to see others empowered to overcome life’s traumas, tragedies, and setbacks to succeed in the present and soar

in the future!

 Jane has spent her life investing in others.  Justlikeme is about impacting youths who find themselves ready to advance from setbacks which may have damaged their perception of life and derailed them into negative mindsets and harmful life choices.  Her genuine approach from life experiences and training is refreshing and life-changing.  She brings hope and courage to a hurting generation, inspiring others to get clear on their true identity—not letting life events or culture define them.  She brings practical solutions while sharing her own personal story of overcoming childhood trauma, shedding light on the darkness, giving hope to the hopeless and love to the hurting while restoring value and purpose. 




To inspire, strengthen and rebuild foundations of individual lives and families to experience quality of life by living authentically, genuinely and with sincerity, unweighted by the past or the cares and problems of this world. She is
passionate about every person she encounters having an opportunity to succeed in overcoming barriers in perceptions in order to reposition themselves to thrive!  Her goal is to ignite and press them forward to acknowledge and conquer their fears, hurts, addictions, failures, and disappointments and to grab hold of hope for their future! She surrounds others in prayer for their further development and fulfillment of the unique purpose and calling on each life and family.



Jane graduated high school and went on to a prestigious secretarial school in Washington DC.  She began her career and successfully excelled in the workforce.  She married her high school sweetheart and began the American dream.  Bought a house, had a baby.  During childbirth, flashbacks of her childhood began to haunt her life!  Everything looked okay on the outside, but her soul was broken and hurting!  Having a heavenly encounter at the age of 30, a light bulb went on in her head and she began to realize that her life was built on lies and fear. Enough! She did a turnaround and began overcoming her roadblocks, finding her true identity and purpose in life and went after it.   She successfully completed her second career in protective services and retired with awards.   Her passion is to see that others have the same opportunity she had (but at a much younger age😊!)



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